About Us

Expert and local


Dr Mark Cordato is the only orthodontist living and working full time in the region. 

Mark  lectures at universities and conferences here and overseas, and is head  of teaching orthodontics at our local University CSU's faculty of  Dentistry. 

Its all about your smile, looking and lasting better


Your smile can be improved.  It takes knowledge, skill and a great work environment to get outstanding results.
We improve the bite, bring teeth into function, improve their positions so they are easier to clean and give you a great Smile. 

Teaching Dental students

Mark was asked to establish the orthodontic teaching, curriculum devellopment at Charles Sturt University

He has been in charge of this part of the course for over 6 years. This follows year of teaching postgraduate orthodontic students in Australia and overseas.

The national body of the Australian Orthodontic Society has given Mark the responsibility for organising the lecture programme for the 2018 orthodontic congress in Sydney. Mark has used his knowledge of state of the art orthodontics and his contsacts around the world to build the programme.

lithgow valley smiles - staff

Staff Selection

Our staff are selected because they are nice people. Their warm and friendly natures are encouraged.

From there we can train them comprehensively in sterilisation, orthodontic and dental nursing. All who have been with us for some time have advanced certificates or degrees which reflect their educational efforts.


Currently, Abbie is in charge of our Lithgow practice. She has worked for Nigel Swan, in Bathurst. She now works with me doing orthodontics and with Tino Mercado and Prashanth Dhanpal doing Periodontics and Peadiatric Dentistry respectively. 

Abbie is currently studying for a Dentistry certificate.


This region is where we live, where many were born and grew up. It's where we want to live and being able to work in a great place makes it even better!