Optimised Smiles

Mark has studied facial, dental and orthodontic aesthetics for many years, and teaches aesthetic subjects to orthodontic students, dentists and dentistry students. In October 2016 he was invited to present a lecture on aesthetics at the Australian Dental Association NSW congress.

Optimised smile aesthetics

Straightening the teeth alone can result in a smile too wide, or too narrow for the face. Arch width control is best achieved with expansion or transpalatal appliances.

Intrusion arches early in treatment use very gentle forces, aiming to see more of the teeth when smiling (the subject of Mark's research thesis).

Wire bends for improved smile arcs later in treatment. Sometimes the smile line can appear 'flat' giving an unnatural appearance. Precise wire bends improve alignment and smile aesthetics.

One canine inside and one canine outside of the arch
Made room for them all!, so much better now. Lithgow, Mudgee, Katoomba, Blackheath
A butterfly form of the lower central incisors, sitting outside of the arch
Severe crowding
Very crowded lower, Many orthodontist would think of extracting. I fitted them all in.
One lateral incisor inside and one canine outside of the very narrow arch

Transformed from crooked to straight teeth, orthodontics by Mark Cordato, Lithgow, Katoomba, Blackheath, Leura, Mudgee, Portland, Wallerawang, Kandos, Oberon, Marrangaroo, Mount Victoria and Hartley
A narrow arch at the front, with small canines
narrow arch
Lateral incisors inside, and canines outside of the arch
Very crooked teeth made straight by us, so much better now. Lithgow, Mudgee, Katoomba, Blackheath